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SWK New Website:

The company was first founded under the name of DEN-ON Corporation on September 19, 1963. It was established with the purpose of research, development and design of sound systems for studios and music halls. After that, it became involved in the broader area of sound and music control boards and other similar systems. In 1982, a significant portion of the company became involved in the soldering, desoldering and rework systems for the electronics industry. The company then changed its name to DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD to more appropriately match the new direction of the company. It was at this point that DIC Trading was established as a separate company to handle all the sales, marketing and promotion activities of the company. The worldwide marketing, sales and service of all the products of DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.

All along these years, DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD has launched different model of Rework Stations developed produced and manufactured in Japan then upgraded its systems further to the electronic market needs and the fastest progress of the technology.

With so many years of experience in the field, the high engineering skills, and Japan factory trained engineers we are grateful to have SWK Venture as a partner distributing our product in Malaysia and supporting present users and potential DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD customers in the region, offering the best high-level support, service, maintenance and customized solutions to fit customer’s needs.

CEO & President
Ajizu Watanabe

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SWK Ventureの新Web site掲載の挨拶文


南アジアの一大生産拠点であるマレーシアにおいて、弊社製品の販売代理店としてSWK Venture社と契約できたことは大変な名誉と思います。

SWK Venture社の得意とする独自のアプリケーションや顧客のニーズに合わせてカスタマイズされたソリューションを通じて、当社の製品がマレーシアの製造業に貢献できることを切に希望します。


代表取締役社長 西澤英樹

Our company has been independent since 1997 in order to sell AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection)machine developed for the in-house production line to the outside, based on “Marantz” which is a global audio brand founded in 1953. And we sell our products developed and produced in Japan to 50 countries around the world.

It is a great honor to have a contract with SWK Venture as a distributor of our products in Malaysia, which is one of the largest production bases in South Asia.

I sincerely hope that our products can contribute to the manufacturing industry in Malaysia through SWK Venture’s specialty applications and customized solutions for customer needs.


Marantz Electronics Ltd.
President, Representative Director
Hideki Nishizawa