KP Series

  • Top quality SUS 304 stainless steel made for the submersible box.
  • Industrial-grade high power transducer for superior cleaning result.
  • Separated ultrasonic generator control system.
  • Adjustable ultrasonic power.
  • Able to work continuously for a long time.
  • Safe and easy to operate.

KS Series

  • Use tap water, alcohol, organic solvent, etc. as cleaning fluid.
  • Industrial-grade high power transducer for superior cleaning result, obvious cleaning effect can be seen with naked eyes.
  • Top quality SUS304 stainless steel made for inner tank, housing and cover.
  • Separated ultrasonic generator with adjustable ultrasonic power (presence ultrasonic generator depends on model).
  • Time setting with 1-999 minutes or 1-30minutes (depends on model).
  • Built-in heating system reach to max 110°C.
  • With SUS material cleaning basket (optional).

TUC series

  • Built-in “sound insulation paste” keep this series with low noise.
  • With large LCD display to show the precise and clear parameters.
  • Memory function will automatically save the most recently used setup parameters for next use.
  • With sleeping mode to keep electrical energy saving
  • Industrial-grade high power and high performance ultrasonic transduer with good cleaning effect. Juust using tap water, alcohol and solvent as the cleaning solution.
  • Excellent waterproof performance, more safe and durable.
  • Especially recommend to use for laboratory due to the low noise performance.