D22X-350L & 550L

18 area Cameras

One optical unit has 1 main camera+8 angle cameras. So 18 cameras provide the stable inspection results without blind spot.

Top & Bottom inspection in same time

Lighting & camera sequential control
No effect from the lighting from another side

Up to 550×550㎜ Size


Model i22X-200 i22X-300 i22X-500
External Dimension W323 D387 H684mm W560 D535 H709mm W678 D731 H807mm
AOI Weight 26kg 43kg 53kg
Controller Dimension W300 D200 H150
Controller Weight 3kg
Power Suply AC100V〜120/AC200V〜240V(single phase)50/60Hz
Power Consumption 350W
Inspection range W150 D200 H70 W200 D300 H70(T.B.D) W350 D500 H70(T.B.D)
XY axis working area 200x200mm 300x320mm 510x510mm
Z axis working area 50mm(0 -50) 100mm(0 -100) 150mm(0 -150)
Max. Speed XY axis 700mm/sec 900mm/sec 900mm/sec
Max. Speed Z axis 250mm/sec 400mm/sec 400mm/sec
Motor 5 phase pulse moterX3
Fixing Method Top clamping(Universal tool)
Cameras 5Mega pixel top camera
Main Lens Telecentric Lens 15μm/Macro lens 25μm
LENS WD Telecentric Lens 75mm/Macro lens 187mm
Field of View Telecentric Lens 36x30mm/Macro lens 60x50mm
Lighting System DL type Lighting(White+Side Red+Diffuse-On Axis LED)or ML type Lighting(RGB+Diffuse-On Axis LED)/White Lighting
Clearance DL type Lighting 40mm/ ML type Lighting 30mm/ White Lighting 40mm



UV Conformal Coating AOI

UV Conformal Coating AOI 「V22XUV Series」

◎V22XUV Series Special Lighting UV-LED+White lighting-LED。Possible to switch the lighting according to inspection purpose