Convection Soldering

Rehm offers high-performance machines for your electronics production, which fit perfectly into every production environment through a modular system design and clever features. Our VisionX series is used, depending on type, for small or medium-sized batch sizes, as well as for high-end series production in the automotive, consumer electronic or power electronics sectors. The Rehm Systems are available as air or N2 versions and guarantee reliable and reproducible soldering results, efficiently and with the innovative energy management. With the VisionXP+ you can save, for example, up to 20% energy and produce 10 tonnes less CO2 per year.


  • Energy efficient, flexible systems with reduced CO2 emissions
  • Stable process even with lead=free soldering
  • Optimal nitrogen regulation
  • Minimal downtimes and low maintenance costs
  • Residue Management with integrated pyrolysis
  • Traceability – clever software tools for process documentation
  • Reliable, failure-free production guaranteed by absolutely parallel transport
  • Precise and repeatable adjustment of the transport width
  • No influence of the temperature profile by transport or center board support
  • Reduced maintenance, transport drive mechanism is outside of the process chamber
  • Ideal for any application due to various transport systems
  • High process reliability by integrated center board support


The centrepiece of our VisionX-Series is the process chamber with its outstanding heat transfer owing to advanced hole nozzle geometry as well as monitored adjustable overpressure in the heating module, guaranteeing homogeneous and gapless heat transfer to the circuit board.

The inert process atmosphere can be assured throughout the entire soldering process and beyond because the closed system ensures that
no external air finds its way into the process chamber. The heat flow within the system takes place by means of circulation, i.e. the process gas of the preheating and peak zones is extracted, cleaned and reinserted into the process at the sides.