Production Solution

Product Evaluation

SWK Venture is able to offer product evaluation towards our valuable customer. SWK Venture Lab is occupied with various of demo units especially on laser marking. With our factory trained application team, SWK Venture is about to produce fast report and solutions to our end customers.

Service Contracts

SWK Venture is highly aware of the importance of maintaining the system in well running condition at all time. With the service contract provided, it will automatically reduce the machine downtime throughout the years. SWK Venture Field Service Team will conduct assessment of machine at certain time to generate possible spare parts replacement schedule. Also, Forecasting of repairs job can be carried out during PM schedule to ensure it does not influence normal production schedule.

Installation & Training

Upon new machine purchase, installation and training will be provided on site. With our factory trained engineers, we will be able to provide you the most accurate information of maintain the machine in perfect condition. At the same time, we will provide accurate information of spare parts need to keep on site to prevent any long hours down time.

SWK Venture Application Lab


In SWK Venture, we consider ourselves technology partner with all our valuable customers. Therefore, there is a need for us to always move ahead the time.

With our application lab, it will help us to provide useful information towards customers if they need new numbers of tact time for new product. This will shorten the time period being carry on as old days which we need to send samples over to principle’s office for test trial.

Customers are always welcome to our application lab if they need extra training on operating the machine or even new evaluation on potential new product. Our well trained Application Team is always there to provide intensive service to you.